Save Greenwood Pond: Double Site

If you missed the event, you can read our letter to the community at the link below.

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Greenwood Pond fountain

About Greenwood Pond: Double Site

In 1989, the Des Moines Art commissioned artist Mary Miss to build an installation at Greenwood Park that would immerse residents into nature. The wooden boardwalk and all surrounding structures at Greenwood Park, including the birdwatching tower and submerged viewing tank are part of this installation. The installation was part of a permanent collection at the Art Center completed in 1996.

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Greenwood Pond: Double Site to be Demolished this Spring

The Des Moines Art Center plans to start demolition to remove the “Greenwood Pond: Double Site” including the boardwalk, birdwatching tower, and all wooden structures at the park, beginning in the spring of 2024, with no plans to rebuild.

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Photo of Greenwood Pond: Double Site in the fall

Save Greenwood Pond’s Mission

We are a group of young professionals, artists, photographers, educators, and residents who live in the area and frequent Greenwood Park, many of us come here with our families and children. We encourage the Des Moines Art Center to find a better path forward with the artist that does not involve demolition of the historically important landmark, Greenwood Pond: Double Site, which thousands in the community benefit from.

An Installation of Historical Significance and Legacy

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If we can come together around our common goal, to save Greenwood Pond: Double Site — we can find a path forward as a community.

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