About Us

We are the community who use Greenwood Park and Greenwood Pond: Double Site on a regular basis. We are Iowans who are proud to call Greenwood Pond: Double Site ours.

Save Greenwood Pond is a grassroots group of locals who love the area and what it offers to residents who have been frequenting the pond for years. We are here to provide awareness of the issue to residents. We are here to encourage the community to use their voice, to join us at Greenwood Park on Saturday March 23rd, to show our love for the installation, and the way Greenwood park is today.

Save Greenwood Pond's Mission

We encourage the Des Moines Art Center to find a better path forward that does not involve demolition of the historically important artwork, Greenwood Pond: Double Site, which thousands in the community frequent and treasure.

If we can come together around our common goal, to save Greenwood Pond: Double Site — we can find a path forward as a community.

The Community Loves Greenwood Pond: Double Site

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